How to Find The Best Pattaya Go Go

So, you arrive in Pattaya for the first time. Where do you head to find the best entertainment? Where do you find the best Pattaya Go Go? Well you could go to Walking Street and just start your bar crawling from one club to another or you could do some research first.

What are you looking for exactly? Looking for naked Pattaya Girls? Looking for the best dance show? Do you want hands-on activities or do you prefer shy girls? Want a Pattaya Go Go where the girls come right up to you or do you prefer to sit back with no hassles?

Walking around Walking Street going form Go Go to Go Go bar can cost you a fortune. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some sort of rating system. Well here you are. Here a list of  35 Pattaya Go Go bars and there ratings. Five Stars is the highest rating and one star is the lowest.Five Stars *****
Baccara A Go Go
The Windmill Club
Babydolls A Go Go
Airport Club Go Go
Heaven Above
Fahrenheit A Go Go
AngelWitch Rock Dancers

Four Stars ****
What’s Up A Go Go
Club Oasis A Go Go
Champagne A Go Go
Super Girl A Go GoThree Stars***
Club Mistys
Tahitian Queen
Shark Club
The Sea A Go Go
Iron Club
Sweethearts A Go Go
New Living Dolls 1
Living Dolls Showcase
Club Beavers
Tiger Club
Silver Star 2
Kitten Club

Two Stars **
Legs Club
Club Boesche
Casino Club
Popcorn Club
The Classroom A Gogo
X Zone
Happy A Go GoOne Star *
Alcatraz A Go Go
The Office
Gentleman’s Club

You may not agree with the ratings but these ratings come right from the experts and full time Pattaya resident ex-pats. You can read the complete Pattaya Go Go ratings and reviews along with links to all of Go Go bar websites here: Pattaya Go Go 2011
City Officials Want 24-hour Party Time In Pattaya

Yes friends, your dreams may come true. Pattaya city officials will be asking Thai Police for a 24-hour-a-day entertainment zone. Where else could it possibly be but Walking Street. Hooray!

No more stumbling home at 3 am, no sir. Party onward till dawn and beyond. This changes the ball game, boys. For a lot of Westerners who arrive with their body clocks screwed up by 12 hours, this will really help.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Walking Street Go Go bars decide to implement a whole new “early morning’ shift. I, for one, am all for it. Let’s bring in a whole new crew of Pattaya girls for the 3am to 8am party goers.There’s more… city officials are trying to get this implemented in time for high season which starts next week in December. Better yet, as we all know, there will be a bunch of brand new, just-in-from-Issan, first time bar girls to help celebrate the new regulations.

So, book your rooms early, my friends, it’s going to be one hell of a season. Hats off to the men at Pattya City Hall!
Finally! Crosswalks in Pattaya

This week the big event finally happened. Pattaya’s pedestrian nightmare has ended. The traffic signals are functional. Hooray!

Anyone who has ever visited Pattaya knows what a hassle it has been for pedestrians to cross the streets. Up until now, crossing the streets of Pattaya has been much like a game of frogger. Cars and busses would go flying by and pedestrians had to scurry in between vehicles in a game of cat and mouse. Well, all that finally changed this week.

Over the past month, busy road crews have been installing traffic lights at brand new pedestrian crossings. I’m sure you’ve noticed them. The traffic signals were installed at 42 different locations throughout Pattaya. I saw these traffic lights going up and I kept wondering when city officials would turn them on.

Well, city officials in Pattaya turned on the traffic lights this week. The lights are working and crossing the streets of Pattaya is now much easier. All you have to do is push the button on the light pole and wait about 20 seconds. The light will change and you will be prompted to scurry across the street by a beeping sound effect. What an improvement. Now we just have to hope that drivers will obey the signals.

Black Money Scam Hits Pattaya

You would think that after the “Black Money” scam was revealed on the US television show 20/20 over three years ago that it would be the end of it. Not so, my friends. The “Black Money” scam is alive and well in Pattaya and a couple of Liberian con men were apprehended by alert Pattaya police this week after they tried to con an unsuspecting German.

I guess that since the scam was revealed in the US, the Liberians figured that Pattaya was the perfect alternative, plenty of gullible victims in Pattaya.

At any rate, beware all you Pattaya punters here’s how the “Black Money” scam works:
Pattaya Girls Prepare for US Navy Invasion

Look out Pattaya, here comes the navy! The US Navy aircraft carrier USS George Washington docked in Laem Chabang Port over the weekend and the navy boys will be in town searching for Pattaya girls all week. You can expect short-time prices to skyrocket this week as the flood of sailors jams Walking Street go go bars.

Besides the USS George Washington, there are two other support ships as well that sail along side the mammoth ship. We’re talking about more than 7000 horny sailors hitting the streets of Pattaya.

I talked to one of the Pattaya girls of Airport A Go Go and she told me that she hopes to turn at least 8 or 9 short-times a day while the fleet is in town. Good luck with that! The US Embassy in Bangkok was kind enough to upload a video just today in order to introduce the boys to the Pattaya Girls before they hit town. Here’s hoping the crew of the USS George Washington enjoy their stay. Here’s the video:

Pattaya 9-ball Competition Starts Today

The Pattaya 9-ball Invitational Pool Competition kicked off today at the Royal Garden Plaza. Some of the best 9-ball competitors in the world are shooting this weekend for over 400,000 Baht in prize money.

The winner will walk away with 300,000 cold cash. So far there has been a lot of smack talk about the Filipinos. Most of the press seems to think that either Dennis Orcollo or Bata Reyes will walk away with the title.

But, my money is on fellow American Stevie Moore. This guy is definitely a contender. In fact, he just might be the best in the world right now. So look out Filipinos, you’ve got your hands full.Stevie Moore is a good old boy from Spartanburg, N.C. This guy has been playing pool since he was 12 years old. If the Filipinos think that they’re going to walk away with this tournament, they better get real. Stevie has been playing in bars around the world since he was barely old enough to drink.

Check out Stevie Moore in this video clip: 

Head on over to Royal Garden Plaza this weekend and check out the Pattaya 9-ball Invitational Pool Competition. There are a lot of good pool halls in Pattaya. If you’re in need of some air-conditioning on a hot Pattaya day there’s nothing better. You can entertain your Pattaya Girls at Megabreak Pool Hall on Soi Diana for a relaxing afternoon..
2010 Pattaya Vegetarian Festival Starts October 7th

The annual Pattaya Vegetarian Festival starts next weekend and will continue for 10 days through October 17th. This is actually the 7th year for the festival which has been a big hit with visiting foreigners.

The event kicks off every year with a huge parade that starts at Bali Hai Pier, marches straight down Walking Street, continues north along both Beach Road and Pattaya 2, all the way up to Central Pattaya Road. It’s quite an elaborate event.

All week long there will be various cooking demonstrations, smaller parades, and dancing in the streets. The highlight of the festival is, of course, the food. Vendors will have their stalls set up all over town. All of the vegetarians in town will be wearing white. It’s hard to be in Pattaya and not catch at least part of the festivities.The Pattaya Vegetarian Festival is a great opportunity to grab one of your favorite Pattaya girls and head into town for some delicious food before hitting the Walking Street scene.

Along with the 2010 Vegetarian Festival comes the traffic problems. Streets will be closed off during the various parades and if it’s anything like festivals in the past, traffic will be impossible. So, plan on doing a lot of walking during the week as it’s the quickest way to get around.Here’s a short video of last years events:

Animal Traffickers Busted in Pattaya

Well friends, Pattaya hit the news again this week, but this time it had nothing to do with Pattaya exotic dancers. This week the big story was about Pattaya and exotic animals. That’s right, apparently there are big bucks to be made in trafficking of endangered and exotic species. Pattaya is one of the places where exotic animals can easily be purchased.

At least you could get them up until a few days ago when a gang of Thai animal smugglers was caught red-handed with a bunch of the little furry creatures. Apparently, Thai police had been investigating the gang for quite some time and decided to move in and make arrests this week.

An international animal rights group known as the FREELAND Foundation blew the whistle on the smugglers by tipping off police. The group regularly monitors the illegal trade in exotic animals. According to the FREELAND website, their mission is to make the world free of human slavery and wildlife trafficking. The Foundation is quite active in Thailand and is currently assisting Thai police by providing training and technical assistance.

I had no idea that trafficking in wild animals was such a huge business. I’m talking about a multi billion of dollar industry. Who knew? Well anyway, score one for the good guys this week. One animal trafficking ring has been shut down in Pattaya. The traffickers were busted with some animals called “slow loris” as well as a few “sugar gliders”. Check out these cute little guys in the video below.

Community Leaders Discuss Pattaya Monorail

It’s been nearly two years since Pattaya officials first announced an ambitious plan to construct a monorail transportation system around the town. It was with great fanfare back in October 2008 that the plan was first unveiled to the press and public.

You may very well remember that day when plans were discussed, an artist rendering was rolled out, cost estimates were submitted, and phased development was recommended.

Well, it’s now two years later, and there was more discussion this week as community leaders met, once again, to discuss the plan. You can be assured that there will be a lot more meetings to come before any construction ever starts. In fact, there may never be a Pattaya monorail, but there will surely be more meetings.Nevertheless, I thought I’d submit my own ideas for the monorail. After all, everyone else is putting in their two cents worth. Why shouldn’t we all have a say on what gets built in our fair city? 

I ran this idea by a group of concerned citizens at Windmill Club last night and they were all for it. Here’s my suggestion:Let’s allow the Pattaya Girls to ride the monorail for free. After all, it’s the girls that really make this town what it is. Without the girls, do you think anyone would visit?

Let’s give the girls free transportation. Once the lovely ladies of Pattaya start riding the monorail, other customers will flock to get on board.
Pattaya Buffalo Races Set For October

Officials in Pattaya recently announced that they will hold the Annual Chonburi Buffalo Races this year again in October. This will be the 139th time that the races have been run. If you’ve never been to a buffalo race, you’re in for a treat.

The beasts are huge with large wide horns. They use them to plow fields throughout rural Thailand. An exciting Thai tradition that has been observed for centuries is the racing of these animals.

Each buffalo is mounted by a jockey. There is no saddle. The jockey sits way back on the rear of the animal and urges the buffalo forward with a bamboo cane. It’s quite a spectacle. It’s amazing that no one gets injured.

This year the Buffalo Festival will be a week-long event with daily racing, parades, contests, and more. There is also a big market that will be set up in an adjacent field with the typical food venders and such. Grab your Pattaya girls and head out to the Chonburi fields. Just ask any taxi driver to take you. They know where it is. The Buffalo Races begin on Saturday, October 16 and run through Friday, October 22.