Honey Body Massage Opens in Pattaya

The Honey Body Massage has opened up at the site of the old Honey Inn on Soi 11 in Pattaya. If you’ve never had a body massage, you should definitely try it out. The therapeutic value of this type of massage is unsurpassed.

How does it work? It’s simple. One of the beautiful Pattaya girls of Honey Body Massage will sponge you down, clean you up, and massage your body with her body. What a great concept.

There are four stages to this type of massage. During the first stage you can sip the beverage of your choice while your masseuse readies your bath and fills the huge tub at one end of the room. This is the getting to know each other stage.

Next, both you and she will get naked and enjoy a hot bath together.  During this stage you’ll have every part of your body thoroughly scrubbed by the soft hands of your attendant.

The third stage is where the actual massage takes place. You will lie down on a mat in a shallow basin. Your lovely companion will then use her naked body to give you an incredible massage experience.

Finally, she’ll rinse you off and dry you with a fluffy towel. You will both lie down on the king sized bed where the body massage experience will be completed.

Whale Shark Spotted in Waters Off Pattaya Beach
Yesterday a good-sized whale shark was spotted by a group of tourists on their way back from a trip to Koh Larn. An alert speed boat captain spotted the giant fish just under the surface near his boat. He immediately stopped and allowed the tourists to jump in and actually swim around with the fish. The incedent was reported by The Pattaya Rath.
Whale sharks are really quite common in the waters of Thailand. Most sightings, however, take place in the Andaman Sea area and also in the area around Koh Tao. Both areas are far from Pattaya. 

Apparently, it’s really rare that such a fish be spotted in Pattaya waters. In fact, it’s been been quite a while since any whale sharks have turned up around here.
Check out this video to get an idea of the size of these fellows. They’re really huge. Whale sharks feed exclusively on plankton and don’t present any danger to swimmers.

Let me tell you guys, if you’re looking for something different to do with the Pattaya Girls, take one of these speedboat cruises out to Koh Larn and back. Who knows, you may even spot the whale shark. If you’re not into the speedboats, there are also regular ferry runs out and back leaving from Bali Hai Pier. The journy out to the island and back makes for a good day trip and your newfound Pattaya girlfriend will really apreciate the gesture. Enjoy!


Pattaya Girls…

Pattaya wouldn’t have the world wide notoriety and fame that it does without the Pattaya Girls. It’s these Chonburi Cherubs that make Pattaya a fantastic place to visit as well as a fantastic place to live full time. Yes friends, Pattaya is the party capital of the world!

It’s these Damsels of Delight that light up the night and make male visitors to this city on the bay weak in the knees. What red-blooded single man hasn’t been captivated by the beauty and allure of these sweet things?

The lasses of Pattaya leave us lads longing for more. “Remember me”, they beckon. And frankly, how can you possibly forget them. Each female in Pattaya has a special something that leaves you wanting more. More is exactly what you’ll get too. You can have more and more and more until you’re completely spent.

That’s what a trip to Pattaya is all about… getting to know the ladies. I once heard it estimated that there are more than 20,000 of these fair maidens roaming throughout Pattaya on any given day or night. Where do you start?

Well, you can start just about anywhere really. Take a stroll down Beach Road just about anytime and you’re sure to meet the famous freelancers of Pattaya. It won’t take long before you find one that you can’t resist. And guess what? She’ll be just dying to meet you too, you “handsome man”.

Wait until nightfall and you can experience nightlife like you’ve never imagined. There are more gogo bars in this town than anywhere else on earth. Each one is filled with more Pattaya babes than you could handle in a lifetime. Walking Street is the place to be after dark. The later the better. The Pattaya gogo girls will wear you out.

Haven’t had enough? Check out the many beer bars that line nearly every street. You can’t walk more than fifty feet without encountering at least twenty Pattaya bar girls. “Hello, welcome!” Yes, theyr’e dying to meet you too.

And so friends, here’s to the Pattaya girls… god love ‘em… I know I do.

Most of my money I spent on liquor, beer, and girls in Pattaya. The rest I squandered.